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WhatsApp messages now captured in all Android modes NEW; Record, intercept and listen in on live Android phone calls; Track GPS location of your Android.


Information from the device is synced with your account every 5 minutes. SpyBubble's web access is password protected so only you can view activity logs.

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SpyBubble is designed to be simple and easy to use. Installing the app is as easy as pie and takes just a few minutes. Here's how to get started:. SpyBubble has been in the forefront of developing high quality computer and mobile monitoring solutions used by parents, employers, experts and law enforcement agencies. We strive to offer functional, easy-to-use software products with cutting edge features and functionality.

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Our spy software has been professionally reviewed by many of the most prestigious technology news outlets in the world. Note : You must have physical access to the device to install SpyBubble. It cannot be installed remotely. It is easy to use — basically you just install it and then it handles everything else.

Features are fantastic! Has everything a parent can ever want. Here is my review.

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  7. Installation was a lot easier than I had expected. After being ripped off by other software, I was a bit skeptical, but to my surprise, this app not only worked, but it exceeded all my expectations. After making it through the installation, the rest was real easy. Its now been 3 months and so far so good. If I never would have used this software, I would have ended up making the biggest mistake of my life and marrying someone who turned out to be living a totally double life.

    Sort of like Tiger Woods! If you want to spy on your man, this thing works!

    SpyBubble is the most trusted and advanced spy software that secretly records and uploads all data and location stats on the phone or computer it is installed in and uploads it on online control panel. In order to remotely monitor a phone or computer, you need to buy the SpyBubble spy software online.

    After buying the software, install it on the target device. Now you can monitor all their device usage and location data remotely. Using SpyBubble is simple; just install the app once on the phone or computer you want to monitor and remotely check all phone or computer usage data and location stats from your own computer or phone. It will not show in the installed apps list on the phone or computer as well. You will need to access the target device just once in order to install the SpyBubble spy app.

    After that, you can monitor it remotely, without having to physically access it again.

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    SpyBubble Spy App SpyBubble is a simple, powerful, cloud-based computer monitoring and mobile spy software. Record Calls Remotely record all phone calls made to and from the monitored phone. Keylogger Capture everything they type on the device - including passwords.

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    6. Undetectable The app is invisible to the end user, so no one will know you installed it unless you want them to. Remote web-based monitoring There's no need to worry about being near the monitored device to view the activity after installation because activities are uploaded to a private account viewable using any web browser, even on mobile devices. The app works in all countries and has support for all major languages. What's more, the company gives you a sixty-day period for money back to use the app and if you are not happy with it, you can get your money back anytime you want within the period.

      This SpyBubble free period should be enough for you to try out all the features of the app. Xnspy is another powerful spy app and it claims to be world's most powerful and non-intrusive app to help you spy on people. From finding out people's locations using GPS to checking out their social media activities, the app has it all for you to track all the activities of any phone you want. The app has real-time online and offline monitoring tools for both personal and commercial users.

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      In addition to that, it works in the stealth mode which makes the app undetectable on any of the device you install it on. This comes handy when you use the app for a commercial purpose where there are other spy detective tools are installed on the system.

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      Now that you know what SpyBubble and XNSPY apps are, the following is a detailed comparison of both the apps which will help you decide which one is better for you. With the features' comparison table above, it should now be easier for you to choose the app that fits all your spying needs. Both the apps have their own advantages and disadvantages and it is completely at your discretion to choose what you would like to have on your device.

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