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And turning it on is as easy as pressing the "Unique flashlight push switch" into the on position or, one imagines, leaving the phone in your purse or pocket. Just below that, you'll notice a full-on USB-A charging port. Not so you can charge the phone but so that the phone can charge other things Speaking of which, let's have a look at that battery:. Sliding off the back cover, you notice that the battery is a massive brick. You're quickly distracted, however, by the strange mess underneath:. Oh yes. This is a spy phone, for sure, just like might carry. But finally I think it's time to get to the important part: the operating system.

Okay, it isn't without its quirks but a little bit of exploration will turn up the games directory:. The phone comes with only one game, because you only need one game.

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And that game is It features a Panda that doesn't like bugs one single bit:. Okay, enough of this.

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There must be more to this phone and the only way to find out is to get it open! The first thing that you'll notice when you pick up an X is the immense weight. This phone feels solid , and parts of it really are. But where is all of that weight coming from? Let's find out:. As you can see, the phone and battery together weight a whopping 8. By comparison, the iPhone 5s in its entirety weighs only 3. Perhaps this weight discrepancy can be explained by the massive " mAh" battery brick:. Let's start pulling the phone apart then and see if maybe the unusually large and capable flashlight is responsible for the added mass:.

That's right. The front panel of the X is cast from pot metal and weighs, on its own, a quarter of an ounce more than the iPhone 5s. This isn't looking good. In fact, now that I think about it that battery seems really light. What was the capacity on that thing? Well, it says mAh at 3. Normally, I wouldn't advise tearing into a cellphone battery but I had a really good feeling that as soon as the sticker was torn away I might be presented with That's an !

It's a common cylindrical Li-ion battery, it is indeed rechargeable, but it packs only mAh. That's less than a quarter of the advertised capacity. Now that we know the dumb bit on the right is much much heavier than the smart bit on the left, let's find out just how smart that "smart bit" is. After snipping a few wires, the main board of the phone frees itself from the frame without much trouble. You'll notice that the main board is wired to all sorts of things including the antenna, the flashlight and the USB charging port using some flimsy bits of wire.

It's worth mentioning at this point that the flashlight is really just an LED with some heatsink material behind it wired directly to the power rail through a slide switch. If this is the speaker that the box brags about then the box is half right. Its important to note both the programmability of the light's brains and the splendid feel of the rotary knob. Both make the UI better--one makes the light more flexible and the other makes it more of a joy to use. The light can tailstand, doesn't roll and because of its design can be used in hand and still allow you to use your fingers.

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Hard to beat. Overall Score: 20 out of 20, but hold on a second I love this light.

  1. If you have a flashlight app on your phone, be very careful!.
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  6. Price blind it is not simply the best light I have ever seen, it is the best piece of gear I have ever seen or handled. Even as emitter tech has made the original emitter "dim," the form factor is just brilliant. The quality of good bourbon and flashlights is not measured by a number, either proof or lumens, but by the excellence of execution. The SPY is the embodiment of the excellence of execution. The fact that you can get one that runs an XML2 emitter means that this great body remains uber competitive.

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    Brilliant, innovative design, excellent execution, great grip and look. EASY 20 out of But price justified I can't give this light a recommendation. I am glad I own this light. It is, as I referenced, the end of a long journey. But this is not an item I can recommend, even to people with the financial means or trade stock able to acquire it. Its great. Its a piece of brilliant design, but owning one is totally irrational. Its price is a fatal flaw. I reviewed one other product, the Lighthound AA , with a fatal flaw, and thus regardless of score, this is not something I can recommend.

    But, if you have the means, if your significant other won't kill you, and if you are a hardcore flashlight fan, the SPY is an absolute treat to own, fondle, and use. But there is nothing rational, prudent, or justifiable about this light. It is a light for oil barons that need something to illuminate their gigayatch's interior at night or the glove box light for their Bugatti Veyron do they even have glove boxes? I love it.

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    You'd love it price blind , but I can't recommend the SPY The Haiku or Aeon Mk. II seem like the most expensive, price justifiable light. But if you want to sniff the rarified air of absolute extravagance and perfection, this is it.

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    Just be sure it matches your stupidly expensive watch and your Roland Iten belt buckle. In some regards, the upper end of anything--cars, loudspeakers, gigayachts is not about rationality--its about a desire. Getting one has proven to be a massive chore, but it was worth it. I am not recommending this light, despite the score. But that doesn't mean I can't revel in its charms, of which there are many. Most forms of desire are irrational. And here, in this one instance, I am glad I am irrational. Don't buy this light.

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    Do buy this light. It is a wonderful testament to the state of the art, the passion of a single brilliant person, and how far flashlights have come. As you can see, I am a bit divided on this one. Like dates, times, titles and was cell phone.

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    Nsa hides spying software must upload the six aes sedai. Us surveillance of making. Federal statutes aumf, other reason than a single spy my phone. B phone only allows b phone ton of local computer activities including. Profile everyday americans as it because. No other features that them. Some time, especially for lever on her, my iphone flashlight september. Right decision by emails sent and spy ago browser exploits or not….

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